Don’t believe in rumors By: Marisol

Marisol wrote about her belief. What she believes in is not to believe in rumors. Why she wrote about this id in her elementary there were people who disapproved in her decision. And what they would say would slowly chip away her wanting to come to Ann Richards School. This essay is for her class and her class is writing what they believe in and she chose to explain why she wanted to go to her school. So this is Marisols essay on her belief.

10 thoughts on “Don’t believe in rumors By: Marisol”

  1. Nice job, Marisol! I like you used “they said ___, but this is the truth.” It really showed how wrong rumors can be, even if they seem to be true or they seem to make perfect sense.

  2. I like that you don’t believe in rumors because you need to experience it first and I loved your essay it was very good 🙂 🙂

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