8 thoughts on “This I Believe by Karalynne M.”

  1. I love how you really describe how well you can relate to your music. And wow you are so talented, I can’t believe that you can play that many instruments

  2. I liked that you said what instruments you and your family play. Also i enjoyed that you describe in detail why music means so much to you and why its important in your life. I can also relate to that because without music I would also be a completely different person.

  3. Your essay was very relatable. It was also very thoughtful. I liked the part where you talked about how your whole family is musical and play a lot of instruments.

  4. dude ur essay was really good i also feel that when i hear music i feel weird feelings and sometimes it makes me feel like im relatable to them like strange connections

  5. hey is maria!!!!!!!!! and so i really liked ur TIB it really speaks to me and i can relate a lot. 🙂
    ps. wow i cant believe that you can play all of those instruments

  6. that was a really good tib and i didn’t know you could play that many instruments. why didn’t you tell mmeee

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