8 thoughts on “This I Believe By Ariel W”

  1. Good Job! Explaining how you love soccer and how you compare it with boys ,I like it how you explain detail by detail in your story .Your being really descriptive, I am with you about soccer being the romeo in out life .Also about having a boyfriend with abs etc..Soccer is the best! #SoccerIsAwsome

  2. I liked that you wrote why you liked soccer so much and that love isn’t always meant to be towards a person if not for activities or hobbies. I also liked that you like getting a feeling of competition. Also you were very descriptive.

  3. guuurl you did perfect on specking clearly, emotion and that other thing that you needed! i don’t know how you do it but this is another thing that your perfect at!!!! I love your anecdotes. good work


  4. I like how you go in to detail about what you love about soccer and how you gave it personification. I also love how you make it relatable to many people and added so much expression and opinions.

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