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Smudged on an Old, Dirty Napkin by Catherine G.

I have always found that writing was essential for me.  Almost like a way of life.  In writing my essay, I have found a way to share with others my love and passion.  And through writing this essay, I have found how deep this luxury is.  I found that writing isn’t a want, more or less, it is a need.

Simple Yet Powerful by Marlene M.

While you read my essay it may be obvious that I love to read.  It is obvious because it is true.  Reading may seem as simple as reading words on a simple sheet of paper, but you need to try to look past all of that and realize that it is more than that.  What I discovered was a place to escape to that made me happy.  So I can always rely on my books to help me and be there for me and that is why I chose to write about reading.