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My Annoying Three Musketeer Siblings by Celeste G.

My ideas too me to deeper thinking and that is how I chose to write my essay about my brothers.  I felt like I had a lot to write about my brothers.  They mess with my feelings so I knew I could write about that and it turned out to be very deep thinking.

Justin Bieber Forever by Crystal R.

I wanted to write about someone very special and important to me.  I decided to write about Justin Bieber because he is one of the pieces in my heart.  I chose to write about Justin Bieber because he shows who I am and how much I love him.  I also chose to write about him because I was able to show his identity and what makes him special to me.

Promises Were Not Meant to be Broken by Enalisa B.

Looking back on my essay, I wanted to find something that was important, but at the same time general.  When I got a chance to think about what I wanted to write about, I went and turned on the TV, and a commercial was on.  It was the commercial on the Disney channel about loyalty.  I was searching for something to connect to loyalty.  Then boom!  It hit me.  I found just the right story, or memory, to go with loyalty.  I was searching for something that had meaning to me, and to others.  That’s why I chose to believe in loyalty.