Being Not Them But You by Karla Ro.

Just recently, I have realized that I have not been myself. I have always tried to be someone else even though that was not my role. I have learned to come out of the shadows and be myself. I’m pretty sure I was meant to be me and everyone else was meant to be themselves, and I hope to stick to that. Throughout all of the years of trying to be someone else, I will try to be myself from now on.

3 thoughts on “Being Not Them But You by Karla Ro.”

  1. ~~~~~~~~~This essay is so good, that Im going to download it, and email it to myself. JK JK! Anyways, you essay has the qualities of a sophisticated artyicle from the New York Times. It has detailed and organized sections full of annecdotes. You in the fact that even though your sister and you are not alike, you cherish the fact that you are sisters, and how you realize yo will never be like her. Its definetly modest!!!! <3<3 I also love you metaphor at the end. "A dove cant be an elephant. And you cant be them." Amazing!!!!~~~~~~~

  2. I think that being yourself is really important, and it gives them spunk and awesomeness. I like how you compare yourself to your sister. I think that your anecdote mixes with your essay, and i like how you expresses “and it will do me no good to be her.” i also like how you said “an elephant won’t turn into a mouse.” It is a great comparison.

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