7 thoughts on “Being Yourself Will Make You Happier In Life By Emily G.”

  1. Emily!! I didn’t know you felt like this but after all I’m still your friend. I really loved your essay.

  2. Emily-
    That was absolutely amazing! You’re writing was extremely powerful and made me reflect back on my own personality. After reading your essay I feel like I know you and me better. This was spectacular! Keep on sharing your amazing ideas with the world!

  3. Emily-
    Your essay made a good point. So true. Many people fake who they really are so they could make friends. The simile you put , Like animlas released to the wild again and being happy, you made a good point. I loved your essay! You really where descriptive, which made it easier to picture! You also make your essay flow!
    Good Job!
    Patty A.

  4. Great job Emi! You were realy descriptive throughout the entire essay, and really deep thinking about what your topic would be.

  5. I liked it Emmy. I got to know you waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more better especially your personality. I’m in your advisory!!!!!!!!!!how you doin?

  6. Emily I loved your podcast because I loved your story. I could really relate to what you were saying. You saying your This I believe instead of me having to read it made it so much better because I could really hear your ‘voice.’ You were clear and like I said before, I really love your podcast!

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