Capturing Life’s Moments with Photography by Ava M.

I wrote my essay about photography because I feel strongly that since life seems to go by so quickly that, something is needed to capture its moments. It can be hard to picture something just by listening to a story. But, with looking at a photo you can imagine the scene, all of the little details that a story could not even describe in a thousand words. The things that inspired me were time and how this moment in time would never be exactly the same ever again.

5 thoughts on “Capturing Life’s Moments with Photography by Ava M.”

  1. Your essay sounds really smooth, and i like how at 48 seconds, you ask questions that tie so well with your essay. Sometimes, when i go through a drive through, i try to visualize what they would look like just by hearing their voice. I think that photos really tie into time and everything!

  2. Good job at describing and being really detailed. I can connect to you by the way we can use photos. 🙂

  3. I love how you used strong voice through out your essay,how you used good symallies and metaphors and how you used a good anecdote. From: grash (grass)

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