Connected from the Beginning by Madison I.

As I was searching for a belief that really matters to me, I searched and searched but I still had trouble finding one.  I was thinking about my dog and my family and how they matter to me.  Then I realized it.   I have always believed in destiny but when I got my dog that belief stuck.  I knew I was supposed to find her so I wanted to explore this belief even further.

12 thoughts on “Connected from the Beginning by Madison I.”

  1. Maddie,
    I love your diskription on when you found her shivering on a wet T-shirt in a dream
    its so heart warming

  2. Maddie,

    I love your story about the black dog! Really interesting. I love how you chose Destiny as your belief, it’s really unique.

  3. i like how you explained how you loved your dog and your family and how you said that you thought of your dog and you saw your dog that way so you adopted it. i liked how you said your dogs name and you explained her to me and how you said you really enjoyed having a dog.

  4. You did an incredible job Maddie…I could really hear and feel the emotion from your voice. Keep writing…you are amazing!

  5. MADDIE! I thought that destiny was something totally different. I guess I just never thought about it. Thanks, for telling me the true meaning of destiny.

  6. i loved yours, Maddie! You always do amazing on yours. You went really deep by writing only about youre dog, Emma (:

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