Extraordinary by Georgia H

When people describe me, they typically say that I am very odd. But a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, this was not the case. So the search began to find out when I abruptly changed my ways, for the better. So I delved into my not so deep, or mysterious past to find out when I became so overwhelmingly strange. And I found some fairly dreadful aspects of my personality in the way I used to be. Then I found the big turning point in my life: books. Once I began reading, this is when I became a substantially more interesting person. But the way I was before…that was a dark time. But, I feel like I should share the story so you can learn and grow from my mistakes. So here is my story of how I and my belief came to be.

2 thoughts on “Extraordinary by Georgia H”

  1. Georgia,
    I am not sure what happened to your story, but I loved your preface. It was deep and detailed. Your thoughts reflected what kind of person you are. You are not odd! Oh well! Great Job!

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