5 thoughts on “Keep Going by Bella T.”

  1. Bella-
    I really loved your essay and you always repeated that statement that drove your belief forward that quiters never win and winners never quit. It really hooks the reader and urges them to keep listening. By the way, you spoke with volume and expression and I could understand what you were saying.

  2. You go girl!!!!! i like how you described at the beginning of your TIB of how steep and how your body felt in the races when you were tired.

  3. Bella, your essay was wonderful! You were clear when speaking and I could really tell that this topic was really personal for you. I love the quote “Quiters never win, and winners never quit.” This quote really got me hooked to your podcast.

  4. Bella-
    Your essay was amazing! Throughout the entire writing you could really tell that this topic was one that you truly cared about. You were loud and clear when reading, and overall your essay was just amazing! Keep on writing!

  5. Bella, ” Quiters never win, and winners never quit” That was a really good saying and pulled me more into your essay. The part where you said that you wanted to stop and how your feet got tiered and still you did not stop. Your description really helped me picture exactly what was going on and how you where feeling!
    Good Job Bella!
    Patty A.

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