I Believe in Having a Single Parent by Yarisel E.

I thought of writing about having a single parent because I have one.  My feelings and thoughts came from my life with my mom and from my heart.  Some parts in my essay I brought up my grandmother.  I brought her up because it relates to my mom and the way she treats me.  I wrote my essay because I want to give out the message that it does not matter how many parents you have as much as the love you share with them.

Forever With Me by Jazmin P.

I chose to write about my family because it is something that is important to me, and I really believe in it.  One day I thought about my family and how they were important to me.  Thinking about it I realized that they are in lots of ways important to me.  First I thought about my family in my house.  Then I thought about my family all over the state and world.  I believe in family.

A Mother Figure by Elly G.

My mother is a very important person in my life.  I may sound like everybody else who loves their mother, but honestly, she’s more than a mom, she’s a hero.  For this essay, I searched everywhere for ideas of what to write about.  Nothing is more important than that special motherly bond that I share with my mom.  She expands my heart in every way and makes me want to do great things.  Thank you, Mom.

Cake Time by Mayrin S.

I like to write stories about my life.  This story is an essay about a tradition about my family.  This tradition is about cakes.  Since my grandma was born, cakes have been important to me and my family.  Cake is fun to make in a family because you help each other in the kitchen.  When we make parties people get together when there is cake.  We make cakes because we want to be as a family.

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