Extraordinary by Georgia H

When people describe me, they typically say that I am very odd. But a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, this was not the case. So the search began to find out when I abruptly changed my ways, for the better. So I delved into my not so deep, or mysterious past to find out when I became so overwhelmingly strange. And I found some fairly dreadful aspects of my personality in the way I used to be. Then I found the big turning point in my life: books. Once I began reading, this is when I became a substantially more interesting person. But the way I was before…that was a dark time. But, I feel like I should share the story so you can learn and grow from my mistakes. So here is my story of how I and my belief came to be.

The Power Of Rain by Patty A.

I was thinking of ideas to write for my This I believe. I thought about writing of friends, family picnics, my birthday, etc… but there was one idea that did  not leave me alone and kept on spinning around my head. The fight with my mom. This fight was probably one of the strongest fights  I have ever experienced and is something I will never forget. I remember I had feelings that nothing was going to solve this problem. One afternoon it started to rain, and after it rained I felt refreshed, ever since then, I believe in the power of rain. Yes, it might be the worst time/weather, but to me, rain is the king, and it will always be like that.

Wanna-Be’s by Angelica G.

At first I thought  about writing about my friends and how their my life,but then i figured it really didn’t have that many thoughts but statements .Then i thought about how i met them. I had made it hard to meet or difficult to meet. I thought wrong about them until a gave a chance and it turned out to be way easier than i had thought.

The Clearness and thoughts of my glasses by Lendy C.

I have been thinking whether to write about my glasses,to write about peoples thought about me, or to write about  the clearness of the world.

It was a hard decision decide.I didn’t had any idea what I was going to write about,Until I decided to do a combination about the clearness and thought about me wearing My Glasses and how I felt about it.I struggled to put my Ideas together to create an “I Believe”. Besides my struggles I finished my Believe,My ideas were just in the top not on the bottom so I had to think hard to get them deep.This Is My Belief of the Clearness of my Glasses.

Seeing the World Much Clearer by Lucero M.

I have been thinking a lot of my believe the past few weeks and like I knew that we were doing a writing about it I thought more harder. I thought well I believe in myself, family, dreams, love, music and a lot of other things. So I decided okay I’m going to write about dreams so I wrote a draft about it but it did not go so well with it was to down and not so much ideas. Later on I was thinking what to write on my second draft and I thought why don’t I write about seeing the world much clear. So I started having all of these ideas for my second draft to put on and when I was finish I was like this is the one this will be great. I was so happy with the second draft it was a great one and I knew I was going to do a great job in it. I knew it because I truly inside me I believe in seeing the world much clear with every single wonderful thing it has. I believe in this because I know someday I will have my two eyes so good and I will see perfectly like I want and I know I will see the world clear and beautiful like it always has been.

Family’s Important by Prisila S.

While thinking about what to write about I thought about all the good times I spend with my family. I actually didn’t know that was a belief, but once I started writing, I realized just about everything was a belief. All my memories are a really big inspiration for this. I hope you enjoy my essay and that you remember all your good times.

The Illusion of Believing by Truc L.

I believe that writing this “I Believe” can express everything inside of me using words.

The beauty of imagination and believing is unlimited, that’s how easy it is. There is no right or wrong answer for believing in something that’s important to you. No one can really disagree with you on anything because this is not fact or any other scientific thing that you talk about in class during school. I think that you just write thing that you truly believe in. Whether it’s family, friendship, love, religion, etc…

During this process of writing this essay/journey of thought, I found out everything that I have been writing about is family, religion and happiness. I realize that everything that I write will eventually lead up to happiness, because I’m that type of girl who likes to laugh and smiles a lot. I feel like something is tingling inside me if don’t laugh. There is a lot of sadness/sorrow that has happened in my life, and also my anecdote takes place in Vietnam. So this I believe: happiness.

Voices from the Stars