Perfect Comes with Practice by Sage O.

I’ve been figure skating since I was five.  I’ve figure skating so long and it’s so meaningful to me that I wanted to write about it.  You might ask why I chose skating instead of all the other things in my life.  Well, it’s because sometimes people move on and never go back to things they do and skating has been with me so long it’s like a puppy I don’t want to let go of.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Comes with Practice by Sage O.”

  1. I loved how you really got really deep in ice scating it really helped me think about my sports i do in a diffrent way. Really good emotion!!!! I really felt that you really belived in ice skating!!

  2. I loved every second! I think you are a very dedicated person and will make it far in life! I also heard the bell in the background.

  3. Sage!! I love how you say that you can just let go when you are skating, and how you said you need to put courage in life and skating.

  4. Sage,
    Your essay had really meaningful and thoughtful words! Your essay really had me imagining you figure skating around landing jumps and getting back up when you fall. You did not only make this essay about skating, you also made the reader think to get back up when life knocks you down. Great job Sage!

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