Plus, Minus, Divide, Multiply and Believe by Lily M.

I wrote this essay on believing in yourself because I get stressed, worried, and freaked out easily, especially involving school.  This is really deep for me because believing in myself is really hard but really helpful.  It is like the light at the end of the tunnel.  I wrote about math class though because that is the time I don’t believe in myself and worry, freak out, and stress out the most.  In writing this essay, I hoped that it would encourage others to believe in themselves.  It also helped me to relieve myself from stress.

3 thoughts on “Plus, Minus, Divide, Multiply and Believe by Lily M.”

  1. Lily- You had some great killer moves and sensory image in your anecdote. It was great. You were very deep and specfic. Great Job!

    -Rebecca 😉 🙂

  2. I love your humor when you mix it together with seriousness! Fabulous-ly done, congratulations… you TOTALLY aced this.

  3. I like how you were very descriptive and said all of your feelings. I loved how you chose that one specific story to put in your essay. Nice job!

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