Simple Yet Powerful by Marlene M.

While you read my essay it may be obvious that I love to read.  It is obvious because it is true.  Reading may seem as simple as reading words on a simple sheet of paper, but you need to try to look past all of that and realize that it is more than that.  What I discovered was a place to escape to that made me happy.  So I can always rely on my books to help me and be there for me and that is why I chose to write about reading.

6 thoughts on “Simple Yet Powerful by Marlene M.”

  1. I feel like i know you! I like to read cartoons and comics. Reading can strenghten a mind, especilly a writer. 🙂 keep on reading!

  2. Marlene the words you use were fabulous and how you describe how much reading meant for you.TIB (This i believe) is just a enormous part of you brain that you share with us.Don’t stop reading. You made me see that this was you everything and is always with you no matter what.♥♥♥

  3. Loved how you put deep meaningful thought into this I believe. Loved how you expressed all your thoughts about why you believe in reading.

  4. Loved how you really put meaning and thought into your this I believe. Loved how you detailed it with every meaningfull thought you have about reading.

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