Smudged on an Old, Dirty Napkin by Catherine G.

I have always found that writing was essential for me.  Almost like a way of life.  In writing my essay, I have found a way to share with others my love and passion.  And through writing this essay, I have found how deep this luxury is.  I found that writing isn’t a want, more or less, it is a need.

3 thoughts on “Smudged on an Old, Dirty Napkin by Catherine G.”

  1. Catherine- You’re title was amazing and creative. You’re essay was very deep, creative, and you had some great killer moves. Like Lily said, you should sumbit this somehwere. I don’t see a lot of your writing, but judging by this essay, I’m sure it’s great. -Rebecca 🙂

  2. First of all I LOVE your tiltle it really pulls me in, it really fits your essay. You are a great writer you made me really think in a new way. You should summit this to the ARS lit mag it has even ennspired me as a writer YEAH WAHHHHHOOO. Ok this is weird A idea popped into my head I guess I will use your words of wisdom and find a pen and something to write on okay bye for now.

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