Strong but Weak by Clarisa B.

I started off making a list of all my beliefs in my head. All my head was full, until this belief came into my head.  It was shocking. It was keeping your head up and standing up when you fall. I thought as myself, I experience this already. Sometimes I’m a girl that can be mean, selfish, but I’m also a girl that has feelings and can cry. I thought that I’m not the only girl or person that feels like this, so I decided to go deep. Deep, enough until I get to the point of my belief.

7 thoughts on “Strong but Weak by Clarisa B.”

  1. “Have you ever asked yourself ‘Am I worth it?’ ‘Am I important?’ Does anybody love me?'” Yes. I have. Your essay is very relatable and still unique. Good job!

  2. Clarisa- You went very deep in your essay, and it was relatable not to me, but I know a lot of people that could relate to it. Good expression. -Rebecca

  3. I like how you say you have feelings. Everyone has feelings. 🙂 It’s true you are beautiful! Keep going. You can make it through life.

  4. I remember when we were doing peer editing. When I heard that TIB I felt amazed, I never thought that you could write that deep, Iloved how you added your feeling into it. All I can say is that it was a very special “Journey of Thought” -Karla Ro.

  5. Great job Clarisa you essay was amazing. I love that on part where you start to whisper it really gave your podcast a great effect 🙂

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