17 thoughts on “Tattoos, piercings, and Attitudes by Milah W”

  1. MILAH! your essay is amazing. I loved everything about it. The topic, the emotion, everything. I especial liked the part when you talked about how you should always be yourself around everyone, and yes including friends.Great job hopefully I get to read more of your pieces next year ^_^.

  2. i aggre with you that you don’t have to be perfect. also, i like how you discribed how you would give the prince and princess a makeover

  3. That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I loved how you took a “perfect” princess and made her normal!! I love the message!! 🙂

  4. I really liked how you were saying what you really care about. I liked how you put thoughts into your essay.

  5. I LOVE THIS! The emotion, the message, everything. I also love how you added cafe pandora. I agree with everything you say in this I to believe in this and will always. Good Job and keep up the good work.

  6. omg milah i really like ur essay it has a lot of description on it. and so yeah it was great and so yea my voice thoe

  7. I really like the way you expressed your self and how you are describing some of the actions that other people do.

  8. I loved the way you expressed your opinion. I like the way you also discribed how the streo typical person would be, and how you would change it!

  9. Milah,
    Your essay was great. I love how you showed the reader what you meant with an example, tattoos, piercings, and attitudes. It really shows you that you need to be yourself. I love your topic it is relate able yet unique. Great job! 🙂

  10. wow that was AMAZING i love your ending how you say this i absolutly believe. your essay has a really amazing message and it didnt just sound like you were reading words off of a paper, you actually told the reader/listener what you believed in. GREAT JOB!!!!!

  11. now i believe in this too! in your essay you had lots of emotion! i can feel your anger to those people who don’t believe this. I love how you included your story about how you were going to sing at the cafe Pandora. good work!

  12. I love how you add your personality and your attitude through your writing. I also like how you add a personal connection like when you had to get up and sing.

  13. You did a really great job Milah! I really liked how you changed the tone of your voice when you emphasized on a specific part of a belief. I also really liked your essay in general and how you used sensory imagery like “wholes in your body.”

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