The Illusion of Believing by Truc L.

I believe that writing this “I Believe” can express everything inside of me using words.

The beauty of imagination and believing is unlimited, that’s how easy it is. There is no right or wrong answer for believing in something that’s important to you. No one can really disagree with you on anything because this is not fact or any other scientific thing that you talk about in class during school. I think that you just write thing that you truly believe in. Whether it’s family, friendship, love, religion, etc…

During this process of writing this essay/journey of thought, I found out everything that I have been writing about is family, religion and happiness. I realize that everything that I write will eventually lead up to happiness, because I’m that type of girl who likes to laugh and smiles a lot. I feel like something is tingling inside me if don’t laugh. There is a lot of sadness/sorrow that has happened in my life, and also my anecdote takes place in Vietnam. So this I believe: happiness.

3 thoughts on “The Illusion of Believing by Truc L.”

  1. Truc, this story was really deep and I could tell that you really cared for this belief. Your anecdote was a bit long but it was very meaningful;) Great Job!

  2. Truc! This is probably the deepest story you have ever written. I loved how you used a quote to connect to your belief. Your anecdote was quite long but meaningful. Nice pacing!

  3. truc i loved your essay because when you explain how noone can tell you your belife is wrong i can feel alot of strong emotions

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