5 thoughts on “The Light of My Candle by Andrea S.”

  1. Andrea I love how you put your feelings into your writing. You are also really good at expression and being really detailed. 🙂

  2. You really make this relatable because everyone may have a brother, but personal because not everyone has a brother like you.

  3. girl you really wote with all you hade and it is really rare to write about your brother !!! you wrote with your heart!!!!!!

  4. Andrea
    I understand how you feel about your brother I feel the same way about my oldest bro, Fred he is 16 going on 17. You are right they really are the light on the candle, the light at the end of the tunnel, and inspiration. I liked hoe you used the example about the cave, it really pulled me in. I also liked how you give you don’t know who you are with out your brother, I feel the same way about Fred.
    ; D

  5. Dear Andrea,
    I really love how you describe your brother as a role model and as your “candle of light”.

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