The Power Of Rain by Patty A.

I was thinking of ideas to write for my This I believe. I thought about writing of friends, family picnics, my birthday, etc… but there was one idea that did  not leave me alone and kept on spinning around my head. The fight with my mom. This fight was probably one of the strongest fights  I have ever experienced and is something I will never forget. I remember I had feelings that nothing was going to solve this problem. One afternoon it started to rain, and after it rained I felt refreshed, ever since then, I believe in the power of rain. Yes, it might be the worst time/weather, but to me, rain is the king, and it will always be like that.

2 thoughts on “The Power Of Rain by Patty A.”

  1. Your essay was beautiful! Your thoughts were clear and deep. Your belief is not a usual belief, it’s original. Love your anecdote!

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