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Seeing the World Much Clearer by Lucero M.

I have been thinking a lot of my believe the past few weeks and like I knew that we were doing a writing about it I thought more harder. I thought well I believe in myself, family, dreams, love, music and a lot of other things. So I decided okay I’m going to write about dreams so I wrote a draft about it but it did not go so well with it was to down and not so much ideas. Later on I was thinking what to write on my second draft and I thought why don’t I write about seeing the world much clear. So I started having all of these ideas for my second draft to put on and when I was finish I was like this is the one this will be great. I was so happy with the second draft it was a great one and I knew I was going to do a great job in it. I knew it because I truly inside me I believe in seeing the world much clear with every single wonderful thing it has. I believe in this because I know someday I will have my two eyes so good and I will see perfectly like I want and I know I will see the world clear and beautiful like it always has been.

Family’s Important by Prisila S.

While thinking about what to write about I thought about all the good times I spend with my family. I actually didn’t know that was a belief, but once I started writing, I realized just about everything was a belief. All my memories are a really big inspiration for this. I hope you enjoy my essay and that you remember all your good times.

The Illusion of Believing by Truc L.

I believe that writing this “I Believe” can express everything inside of me using words.

The beauty of imagination and believing is unlimited, that’s how easy it is. There is no right or wrong answer for believing in something that’s important to you. No one can really disagree with you on anything because this is not fact or any other scientific thing that you talk about in class during school. I think that you just write thing that you truly believe in. Whether it’s family, friendship, love, religion, etc…

During this process of writing this essay/journey of thought, I found out everything that I have been writing about is family, religion and happiness. I realize that everything that I write will eventually lead up to happiness, because I’m that type of girl who likes to laugh and smiles a lot. I feel like something is tingling inside me if don’t laugh. There is a lot of sadness/sorrow that has happened in my life, and also my anecdote takes place in Vietnam. So this I believe: happiness.

Being Not Them But You by Karla Ro.

Just recently, I have realized that I have not been myself. I have always tried to be someone else even though that was not my role. I have learned to come out of the shadows and be myself. I’m pretty sure I was meant to be me and everyone else was meant to be themselves, and I hope to stick to that. Throughout all of the years of trying to be someone else, I will try to be myself from now on.

Strong but Weak by Clarisa B.

I started off making a list of all my beliefs in my head. All my head was full, until this belief came into my head.  It was shocking. It was keeping your head up and standing up when you fall. I thought as myself, I experience this already. Sometimes I’m a girl that can be mean, selfish, but I’m also a girl that has feelings and can cry. I thought that I’m not the only girl or person that feels like this, so I decided to go deep. Deep, enough until I get to the point of my belief.

Twist-Ending by Astrid J.

I wrote a This I Believe essay because I wanted to show how I felt about reading books. At first, I came up with lots of ideas. But they were all either so unique that somebody couldn’t relate to it or they were so non-unique that anyone could have written it. Then, I realized that I had a passion for reading. I thought about that in depth – my first chapter book, connections with series, love for comics – and this essay evolved from it.

Walking Away From Life by Bella R.

I thought a lot about what I believe in at my age and how I choose to take in the world. I tried to write about family, an important person I believe in, or even a memory. In the end I just could not grasp that kind of belief. I decided to write about something that all along has helped me through daily life and keeps me going. I chose to write about taking walks. It was hard for me to really sink deep into thought. But now I have written something that through all my heart I truly believe in.

Performing Has a Unique Outcome by Claudia L.

Recently I watched a few videos that my grandpa recorded when we were younger. We, meaning my half-sisters (on my dad’s side) and I performed shows as kids. On both sides of the family, my mom and dad’s, we would perform shows, but in my essay you will see the different ways we perform When I thought about what I believed in, I thought about dreaming and how I could make that narrow and deep. Then I jotted a few ideas down and noticed that I didn’t dig very far. I remembered the videos I watched and how that was part of me. I wrote the idea down, wrote one or two thing about it and then I found my belief of bonding with your family.