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Laughter is My Tranquilizer by Ginger R.

Laughter. I’m known for my laugh. It is what makes me different. I personally think my laugh is an annoying loud riot. Listening to my friends laugh used to make me feel insecure because their laugh always sounded perfectly perfect. That changed. This belief came to mind when I was on Google searching ‘how to laugh cute.’ I then realized that I should not change who  I am. Laughter is a part of me. Laughter is what I believe in.

Inside Jokes by Isabel S.

Hi, I’m Isabel. I’m in sixth grade. I know what you are thinking, “what’s the sixth-grader going to teach me? How to draw a rainbow?” No. I’m going to share what I believe with you. I have a group of friends, like any other normal sixth grader. In my friend group, we always have something to talk about because we are all diverse. We have three bookworms, an honor student, the fan-girl, and a dark mysterious person. But when we’re all together, we’re that group of people that look crazy because we laugh so much. I learned about this magical thing called humor; a thing that just makes everything happier. I wanted to share my wonderful experience of humor with people, and this is my perfect opportunity.

Just another measure… by Nicole R.

When I was thinking about different topics for me to talk about, I wasn’t so sure that I could go deep with them, like I didn’t know enough and not enough to say about them. I tried to find a topic that I knew for sure that I knew a lot about, and that I had enough to say to write a whole essay on. That’s why I had chosen the topic of my height. It’s something that I’ve always cared about and felt that I don’t want people to think that short people aren’t the same as taller people.

Unlikely Friends by Sammie S.

I didn’t want to write something that was done a million times, so I thought about specific people that mattered to me. I thought about my friend Sylvie and what was different about her from the rest of my friends. I realized that Sylvie and I were unlikely friends. I thought about how Sylvie and I became to be friends, and the good experiences I have had with her. Writing this essay gave me a new facet about what friendship really means.

Family and social life by Karla Ru

I noticed that many of my beliefs come from my action and thoughts. Like one of my big actions that I do all the time is try to meet new people anywhere I go. People that I know say “Don’t talk to strangers, its dangerous.” But then I think that strangers are only people you haven’t met before, so really everybody was a stranger at one point. But my family doesn’t think about it that way. My essay will show you the difference between my thoughts and my families thoughts of meeting new people.

Trying New Things by Lauren G.

When writing about my beliefs, I think of who I am. I think of what kind of person I am. Who I am leads to memories because they could say alot about me. So, I thought of some memories from my childhood and memories from not too long ago. One memory that stuck in my head was my first rollercoaster. I thought, what does this say about who I am? What does it say about what I believe in? I realized that it said I was a big daredevil and that I believe In living life to the fullest and in always trying new things.