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I Believe in Handmade Gifts by Carolina V.

I am a girl who isn’t the prettiest or the richest.  But I have love.  It’s something that you can’t buy, but you have to find.  Homemade gifts have taught me that you don’t need to spend millions of dollars on a gift.  All you really need is love and kindness to make it worth more.

Perfect Comes with Practice by Sage O.

I’ve been figure skating since I was five.  I’ve figure skating so long and it’s so meaningful to me that I wanted to write about it.  You might ask why I chose skating instead of all the other things in my life.  Well, it’s because sometimes people move on and never go back to things they do and skating has been with me so long it’s like a puppy I don’t want to let go of.

Smudged on an Old, Dirty Napkin by Catherine G.

I have always found that writing was essential for me.  Almost like a way of life.  In writing my essay, I have found a way to share with others my love and passion.  And through writing this essay, I have found how deep this luxury is.  I found that writing isn’t a want, more or less, it is a need.

Simple Yet Powerful by Marlene M.

While you read my essay it may be obvious that I love to read.  It is obvious because it is true.  Reading may seem as simple as reading words on a simple sheet of paper, but you need to try to look past all of that and realize that it is more than that.  What I discovered was a place to escape to that made me happy.  So I can always rely on my books to help me and be there for me and that is why I chose to write about reading.