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Sunflower Seeds by Jazlyn B.

This story is about sunflower seeds the food. I don’t think that many people will write about this thats one of the reasons I wrote this essay, another reason was that I eat sunflower seeds everyday why wouldn’t I write about them? I got this threw my head a while ago. I just wonder why that this is my first time writing about them and I didn’t write this essay earlier.

The Senior Speeches of 2013

Because this is our first year with a graduating class, our Class of 2013 seniors are busy creating traditions that will strengthen bonds and inspire their younger Star sisters.  The Senior Speech is one such tradition.  Each week two seniors are scheduled to deliver  original speeches that impart a piece of wisdom acquired in their years here at ARS.  The topic is up to the student.  Students deliver these speeches to an audience of 400 to 700 peers, depending on the day of the week the speech is scheduled.

The Confidence That Builds Me by Raymya H.

I wanted to write about confidence because when I was younger I was made fun of.  Every day I didn’t like who I was because I didn’t stand up for myself.  With confidence I began to grow in self-esteem and ignore what others say about me.  Confidence really has been a great issue in my life and I want to show the people that they should love who they are.