Twist-Ending by Astrid J.

I wrote a This I Believe essay because I wanted to show how I felt about reading books. At first, I came up with lots of ideas. But they were all either so unique that somebody couldn’t relate to it or they were so non-unique that anyone could have written it. Then, I realized that I had a passion for reading. I thought about that in depth – my first chapter book, connections with series, love for comics – and this essay evolved from it.

7 thoughts on “Twist-Ending by Astrid J.”

  1. Wow! You did a great job speaking through your This I believe. What you wrote about is so relatable to me because I HATED READING but now I just love REDING and COMICS ARE MY FAVORITE!!!!

  2. The same thing happened to me in second grade, I also love that you made your TIB essay relatible.
    (P.S. the Percy Jackson books are amazing:D) -Karla Ro.

  3. I liked your essay. now i know why you always talk about the Percy Jackson books during theatre and “make Lauren cry.”
    Also you could slow down a little but other than that, it was “awesome” as how you like people calling you:D

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